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weird experience- anybody else? About a few weeks ago I responded to a job ad here on CL. I'd rather not put the organization name but will say they are in the legal industry and do getting some sort of "research" as nicely as publish a fabulous newsletter. I experienced the usual email screening, passed an important test, interviewed, then did some are working for them. I was told We would be paid for that work, and was handed a week to complete the assignment. And so here's where it gets weird. I was specifiy also told "the assignment arrives a week from today" and I made a note to return it the next week, same afternoon. Next week shoots around and first thing the next day I receive an email from the assistant asking where the assignment is. I write back stating it is returned within a couple of hours. Response from them is "don't bother, you missed the deadline that is yesterday at pm" at a sentence, flip-toned mail. I respond that there needs to be a misunderstanding thinking that I was told another due date. This assistant s twice and leaves sorry on my message. He says "turn from the material". I manage this step. Several days pass and the lover who interviewed me s and pronounces "I am extremely disappointed in your work" and "you don't do anything people asked for" plus some other pretty tough, and totally outside of context IMHO, transactions. She tries to leave paying me, and after reasoning and arguing we agree I will be paid for a minimum of half the operate. I don't find out what the hell materialized. I did the work Precisely the same as the examination I supposedly "aced". When i followed their editing guidelines and 2x checked my succeed. low carb ricotta recipe low carb ricotta recipe I made certain the file I just sent was the needed, edited file. This seems a legit busin miniature dollhouse furniture miniature dollhouse furniture ess- I visited their office environment and met them at a store. I don't suppose it was getting some sort of scam for free work. Anyone else overcome these people?

Breaks in the office Federal law won't require lunch and also coffee breaks. On the other hand, when employers conduct offer shor cheat dog house cheat dog house t breaks or cracks (usually lasting gonna minutes), federal law points to the breaks mainly because compensable work hours that you will find included in the sum of hours worked while in the work week along with considered in finding out if overtime was first worked. I never had an escape at my occupation in Virginia... we were lucky to secure a minute lunch on many days! My new job in Ocoee flows from: to concerning:; then I have got to drive to the chief office with typiy the superbills + receipts for the day (at least I get to have a cig during the drive.... LOL) ~ Notta (how's your work search going MsSmiles? )It's planning and going plus going Found outside about hours back... YEEE HAWWW We are gonna get 100 % UI benefits.. YEE HAWWW Needed the employer extensive enough... gees.. was laid off in October. Been for the phone times with all the payroll company plus numerous s to the company.. am meant to get my continue check (from employer) the next day. Would be nice easily could charge these folks % interest. undertaking happy dance.... ok break ends.. back to this search: /P. Ersus. Sorry to hear about your circumstances: (it's better than nothing... but getting my foot inside door down listed here was my earliest objective. There's absolutely nothing going on in Virginia ('that' haven't changed within the last months... ) i really can't go backside there; it's not an option. In fact my husband is starting to acquire problems at this Dupont job webpage in VA., and he might have to relocate back in order to Iowa!!! It's ridiculous...: ( ~ Notta (you be aware that things are in the crapper when DuPont is actually sinking!! ).

POLL: Why presently rofoing on Friday night? I'm sick(ish) along with canceled my bash. Why are you guys here for dinner? Apparently it's 'cause I am just bitter. i even now like yahey.... thanks a lot.: ) I'm striving. I really am. I can't only start acting normal after having a breakup. Duh, best suited? I'm getting better as of this whole being simple thing again. My nephew needs to apologize as quick as possible. lolWhat does your brother should do with it? for what reason? what happened/? I'm in the workplace: Pwe work jointly a: )Yes we tend to do: -)I hope the user gets so\me rest tonite I took naps on break to stay me refreshed meant for Parties!!!! Because anyone canceled your partydammit! groove by tomorrow. We'll party whatever the! no i went late mention a few see a couple of friends Dixie Dawn ended up being there she's a dollworking via the weekend: ( I always rofo at workI written to my mom way too long that my hubby got bored and decided to bed. I would like my mom ended up being still up... So i am kinda bored now. LOL - that will sound like me a number of years ago... but My spouse and i was actually treated... I divorced your ex. No, I planned to spend time through him but We hadn't talked to my mom at amount of time in over fortnight. We had a plethora of catching up to do. I'd wake him considerably more than simply had some dazzling idea for enjoyable... but I'm experiencing pretty mellow. Oh gnaughty My spouse and i didn't mean you felt in which not at most... just reminded everyone of talking for the phone for periods hoping he'd give up and turn in... thats all: ).

Have to have $ million this couple years? Any sort of ideas? Buyounce of silvermove to zimbawbweYou can afford a trillion dollars Zimbabwe bill on e-bay approximatelybucks^Troof. They develop a good bookmark. just reserve dollars, and rapidly they will become much like the weimar republic bucks, workers will need wheelbarrow channel usa weather channel usa weather s to handle their pay your home. They will be on a par with Zimbabwe moneyIn, our great country had enough gold To back % of this dollars in movement. In, the U . s . has enough golden to back % in the dollars in blood flow.

Stock market having an excellent start! Could it be that there is a new Congress into position? It's more eu, but glad to observe nancy in theup tips in st minutethank god i listened to iota about present crash my AA upYeah, however , he was perfect about Bank with America They had to take a $B ask for on bum lending options sold to Fannie and also Freddie. Stock is *only* up % over the news... Christ the fact that guy is retarded. great iota stands out as the *perfect* contrarian gauge I mean, his reputation is unbelievable. the place is Eric? another expert who first got it all wrongdude, if I were definitely an expert think cooked chicken recipes cooked chicken recipes that I might be posting here? Whadda tard. I'm confused what you lead to What did Eric secure wrong? Here's hoping the new Congress creates numerous gridlock, preventing government entities from doing too much to the promotes. If that's so, this rally is only. What will get working against which can be... As much mainly because GOP hates and would like sink a recovery to sink him or her in, they also represent numerous rich people are motivated profits now. That will not happen with gridlock. GOP is going to cave or it will implode.

Other companies having trouble through ? everything cool hereCant go in either Server Corruption We're sorry, still is for the moment unavailable. We're currently working to fix their xbox -- please look at logging in to your account in a little while. Me too... Can't go in at all... bizarre... I must be bogarting most of the today! Bwah hah hah! I are going to put this unprecedented superpower to fine use.

Here practice makes fantastic " by "is it watercolor? you now are peering over the edge Its possibly not lost.... If My organization is guessing correctlyThats pleasant. I do think it every so once from a rare while. Thanks Dewn. I don't think we lose may be It just looks like you spent a longer period on this an individual. You're looser now and that is also good. It says something pertaining to you, maybe that you are more laid back now? Anyway, I'm sure if you wanted to make a more refined portrait now you could possibly do it. Well... unless you have got a tremor or similar to that, something I'm not taking into account. I have a person and I will have to make quicker lines owing to that, or drag/push my best hand. So that could be too. Wh weather oxford ohio weather oxford ohio at the hell do i know?